Zhouyingcheng Liao

Zhouyingcheng Liao (廖周应成)

Ph.D Student

The University of Hong Kong (HKU)

Email: zycliao@cs.hku.hk or zycliao@gmail.com

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I am a Ph.D. student since Jan. 2023 at the University of Hong Kong, supervised by Taku Komura. I obtained my M.Sc. degree at Saarland University and Max Planck Institute for Informatics (supervisor: Marc Habermann) and B.Sc. degree at Shanghai Jiao Tong University.

I had a few wonderful research internship experiences at different companies and institutes, namely Adobe Research (2021, mentor: Yang Zhou), miHoYo (2020, mentor: Jun Xing), MPI-INF (2019, supervisor: Gerard Pons-Moll.)

My research interests lie in the intersection of computer vision and computer graphics. More specifically, I am interested in modeling and animating digital characters (including the body and the clothes) driven by data. My research goal is to develop algorithms that can free content creators from hard labours.


Skeleton-free Pose Transfer for Stylized 3D Characters

Zhouyingcheng Liao, Jimei Yang, Jun Saito, Gerard Pons-Moll, Yang Zhou

ECCV 2022

[webpage] [paper] [code]

The first neural method that achieves automatic pose transfer between any stylized 3D characters, without any rigging, skinning or manual correspondence.

TailorNet: Predicting Clothing in 3d as a Function of Human Pose, Shape and Garment Style

Chaitanya Patel*, Zhouyingcheng Liao*, Gerard Pons-Moll (*: co-first author)

CVPR 2020 oral

[webpage] [paper] [video] [code] [data]

TailorNet is the first neural model which predicts clothing deformation in 3D as a function of three factors: pose, shape and style (garment geometry), while retaining wrinkle detail. We also present a garment animation dataset of 55800 frames generated by physically based simulation

Live Face Verification with Multiple Instantialized Local Homographic Parameterization.

Chen Lin, Zhouyingcheng Liao, Peng Zhou, Jianguo Hu, Bingbing Ni

IJCAI 2018


Uniface: A Unified Network for Face Detection and Recognition

Zhouyingcheng Liao, Peng Zhou, Qinlong Wu, Bingbing Ni

ICPR 2018


Academic Service


CVPR 2023

Siggraph Asia 2023


Computer & Graphics